VLQ- How do these relate?

How Do these relate?
How Do these relate?

Painting A is the ‘Annunciation’ – 1472-1475 by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Painting B is ‘Orange Diagonal’ – 2008 by Ellsworth Kelly.

Painting C is ‘Guernica’ – 1937 by Pablo Picasso.

So, how do they relate? Yes, they’re each paintings. But, there is more? It can’t be the subject. What about the colors? It’s obvious from the dates that it’s not a period or artistic style. It is very simple and yet so much more complex.

It is the Topology of the Rectangles. They all have the proportion 1:√5.

If you’ll remember from the last post the ϕ ratio is 1:1.618… and if we add .618… we get 2.236… which is the √5.

It may help to think about it all visually…

Video 1: √5 Relations

There is more to all this. Each of these paintings will be considered in depth…



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